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We dream of a future where every child is reaching their potential with the help of passionate, innovative teachers who are creating safe, supportive, and inclusive learning spaces.

The problem

“Much education today is monumentally ineffective. All too often we are giving young people cut flowers when we should be teaching them to grow their own plants.”
John W. Gardner

Teachers are the backbone of education system and the single most important determinant affecting how much and how well students learn. Studying with good quality teachers increases the likelihood of students staying in the education system and have a significant impact on the their long-term social and economic outcomes.

Despite numerous teacher training institutes in India, India faces a severe shortage of teachers. According to the State of the Education Report for India, 2021 by UNESCO, there are around 120,000 single-teacher schools in India, of which nearly 9 in 10 are in rural areas. The report shows that India requires 1.2 million more teachers to meet the shortfall. Not only that, across the country, schools struggle to attract and retain the talented teachers that students deserve.

Knowing the  lifetime impact that even one highly-skilled teacher can make, our goal is to provide every student in India with at least one such teacher. 

Through our programs, we aim to solve three major challenges that cause lower teacher quality and quantity in India.

Teaching as a profession is often viewed as a ‘safety net’, or a job for those who could not do well in other professions. In the recent years, an increasing number of young people are hesitant about taking up teaching as a profession. This can be attributed to a number of factors including poor working conditions and poor pay, but also the perception that teaching is not as prestigious as other professions. If even 60 percent of the teachers graduating from over 17000 teacher education institutions in India joined the profession, teacher shortage will not be a concern.

When one speaks about the low status of the teachers in the country, it is important to examine the source or reasons for this and try to address them for a long-term solution. The reasons for the low status of teachers are not to be found in the teaching profession but in the educational institutions where teachers are prepared.

Teacher training does not provide adequate classroom practice or training in necessary tools, techniques, and mindsets that teachers need to create meaningful learning opportunities for students. This impacts the quality of teaching that takes place in Indian classrooms, thereby impacting student learning outcomes. 

The National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 takes a holistic approach to education, stressing the importance of building 21st century skills in students and teachers alike. This is crucial, as a majority of students and teachers lack the necessary skills to thrive in the digital era. The skill set of teachers is especially important, as they have a greater impact on the lives of their students than any other group of people.
The main obstacle in developing 21st century skills is the inadequate technology orientation during pre-service training for teachers. Without equipping teachers with the skills to teach 21st century skills, we will not be able to develop a generation of well-rounded individuals who are future-ready. 


We help pre-service and fresh teaching graduates build a respectable, better-paying, and joyful teaching career through a high-quality, tech-enabled, job-oriented integrated training program that provides skill training and practical teaching experience through masterclasses, gamified skill training,  job preparation, and mentorship.

Our programs address the quality and volume of teachers by integrating the three components – skills, motivation, and social capital of pre-service teachers. With this integrated approach, we believe not only will the quality of teaching improve in the Indian schools, but the best and the brightest will join the profession.


Align skills of pre-service teachers to prepare a cadre of highly competent teachers with right technical, digital, and productive skills. Through intensive masterclasses, design challenges, and mentorship, we equip teachers with 21st century teaching skills and practical tools to create an effective teaching-learning environment.


Through well-designed challenges, gamified training, and personalized mentoring and feedback, we enhance the intrinsic motivation of teachers by making the learning interesting, enjoyable, and personally valuable. and providing them with opportunities to gain rewards and recognition.


We help fresh teachers form authentic connections and networks with other teachers, school leaders and experienced teachers through a community of practice called TeacherXcel. By creating this safe learning community, we are building the social capital of teachers.

Our Core values


We value agility in our decision-making, planning, and implementation. We are entrepreneurial in spirit, with a commitment to renew, adapt, and succeed.

Evidence to Action

We view our role as leading a strategic approach to education transformation that fills the gap between evidence and implementing interventions at scale.


We strive to help everyone find their place in the world. We continually celebrate the diverse community that different individuals cultivate

Togetherness & Enthusiasm

We believe that only through collaborations can we solve every unsolvable challenge and amplify the cause of quality education.

Culture of Learning

We commit to seek, share, and apply new knowledge and skills continuously to improve people and organizational performance.

Support our cause

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