Effective Classroom Management

Classroom Management

Duration: 2-day workshop, 3 hours per day.

for: New teachers, pre-service teachers, and in-service teachers looking for effective classroom management strategies.

Overview : You may have a well-planned, creative, and engaging lesson plan. But if your classroom has student behavior problems, like students talking over you, ignoring you or disrespecting you, teaching can feel like the worst job ever. With various tips and advices that contradict each other, you may feel confused and hopeless. In this course, you will a learn well-researched and documented best practices for a well-managed classroom. You will understand why problems arise in a classroom and what strategies you can implement today to prevent problems and create a positive learning environment.

What you will learn

On completing this 2-day workshop you will be well equipped to:
1. Recognise and prevent potential problems that can arise in a classroom environment.
2. Accurately assess classroom issues and implement appropriate strategies to mitigate problems.
3. Implement effective strategies to inculcate a positive learning environment and
4. Create a behaviour management plan for your classrooms.