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We offer online workshops for teacher development on a rolling basis. Do you have a group of teachers  that need training ? Browse our current workshops below and register for one that interests you! We also tailor our workshops based on your requirements, so feel free to email us at for other workshops that best fit your teaching institute’s needs and interests and we will get back to you as soon as we can!
Digital portfolio

E-Portfolio Creation

Make a perfect first impression with a digital teaching portfolio! A digital portfolio can really help you surpass the crowd and stand out in today's teaching market.

Classroom Management

Effective Classroom Management

Have a well-planned and engaging lesson plan, but plagued by an unruly classroom? In this workshop, you will learn about tried and tested strategies for effective classroom management, curated by experienced teachers worldwide.


The Resilient Teacher

An ever increasing workload causing teacher burnout? This workshop discusses self-care activities that improve personal resilience and how to leverage personal and community strength to bounce back quickly.

Fostering teacher self-efficacy

Fostering teacher self-efficacy

Teachers' confidence and abilities directly impact students' motivation levels. The activities in this workshop will help you assess your confidence levels and provide practical guidance on how to boost your self confidence.

Effective time management

Effective time management

From planning lessons to designing assessments and evaluating student learning, a teacher has to juggle multiple tasks. This workshop teaches you how to prioritise tasks and set timelines.

New teacher

How to thrive in your first year as a teacher

Being a new teacher can feel overwhelming. Beat your 'practice shock' through this workshop. Learn how to fit into a new school environment, effective organizational skills and more!

Collaborative teaching

Creating collaborative learning environments

A collaborative teaching environment encourages diverse perspectives which in turn promotes student learning. This workshop highlights multiple means of creating and sustaining effective workplace relationships with your colleagues.