Build a high-paying, respectable, & Fulfilling teaching career


We believe that change starts in the classroom, which is why we are preparing a cadre of great teachers through our Pro-Teacher Internship program. This program prepares final year B.Ed. and B.El.Ed. students to become exceptional teachers who can use their skills and experiences to spark students’ imaginations—and challenge them to dream big.

Our internship program is designed to help teachers develop the essential skills they need to be successful in the classroom from day one. Our interns believe that every lesson has the power to inspire, every hour in the classroom is precious, and every student has the potential to achieve success.

The five-month fellowship program begins on MondayJan 22023 and concludes on Tuesday, May 2, 2023.

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Leap forward with your dream of becoming a great teacher.

Pro-Teacher Internship is the best B.Ed. internship program for final year students that prepares them to become exceptional teachers, using their skills and experiences to ignite students’ imaginations—and challenge them to dream big.

If you are a teacher and want to learn more on how to be an exceptional teacher then this internship is for you. This internship program will help you get the best insights into the teaching profession and improve your skills in order to teach students better. You’ll develop new skills, get valuable experiences, and have the opportunity to create a career plan to start your teaching career with confidence.


Practice in a real classroom

Practical Classroom Teaching

We will match you with students at a school or non-profit to practice your teaching skills. The teaching experience with the students could be virtual or in-person. During the training experience, you will take feedback from the coach on lesson plan and teaching strategy you will use during the teaching. The mentor will observe your teaching to provide you with real-time feedback on your teaching.


Have fun while learning

24X7, Safe Practical Training

We recognize that teaching a live group of students is hard. To help you gain confidence in facing a real classroom, you will spend at least 10 hours training on our gamified teaching simulation. Think of the simulation like playing Farmville but one that teaches you about teaching and gives you practical tips on improving your teaching.


Learn from the best

Skill Training

40 hours of masterclasses lead by experts from all arenas, will provide you with exciting new ideas, better teaching strategies, and practical tips for your work with students. The masterclasses cover topics such as inclusive teaching and learning, classroom management, using digital tools in the classroom, social-emotional learning, and so on.


Get supported by the best

Coaching Support

Throughout the 5 months, you will receive mentorship from a Tomorrowsmith Mentor who will guide you to do your best during the internship program. The mentor will help you “unlock” your knowledge on a topic, give you feedback on your current understanding, and guide you in making adjustments to help fine tune your teaching.


Crack your first interview

Gain Employability Skills

During the internship, our job readiness training modules will prepare you to get, keep and excel at a new job. You will not only learn resume-writing skills but also learn how to communicate well and form good relationships at your first teaching job. 


Learn digital teaching and learning tools

Step into the World of Digital Education.

By discovering how to use software and apps to meet students’ needs, you will gain confidence with ICT, and learn simple and effective strategies to improve your (digital) teaching.