Fostering teacher self-efficacy

Fostering teacher self-efficacy

Duration: 2-day workshop, 3 hours per day.

for: New teachers, pre-service teachers, and in-service teachers looking to enhance their self-efficacy.

Overview : ” They are able who think they are able.” Teachers’ confidence and beliefs in their ability to effectively handle the responsibilities and challenges related to the profession plays a key role in students’ achievement and motivation. Through this workshop, you will examine your self-image and self-awareness. The activities in the workshop will help you analyse and improve your self-talk, provide practical ways in which youcan enhance your self-efficacy beliefs and self-confidence in the school and the classroom

What you will learn

Upon completing this 2-day workshop you will be able to:

1. Examine your self-image.
2. Enhance your self-awareness.
3. Analyse and improve your self-talk.
4. Implement practical ways to enhance your self-efficacy beliefs and improve your self-confidence in the classroom