The Resilient Teacher


Duration: 2-day workshop, 3 hours per day.

for: New teachers and in-service teachers looking to learn self-care strategies that help avoid burnout.

Overview : Teaching was always a demanding profession. With the pandemic, the workload on teachers has increased manifold. Teachers are being asked to prepare their students for higher achievement, while taking on greater workloads with fewer resources. This stress can lead to teacher burn-out. This workshop discusses self-care activities to improve personal resilience and well-being.

What you will learn

On completing this 2-day workshop you will be able to:
1. Leverage your personal strength to recover from difficult situations.
2. Practice self-care activities that promote and improve your personal resilience and mental well-being.
3. List ways to seek support from the teaching community whilst facing difficulties. 
4. Utilise strategies to prevent burnout